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Appendix E – Platform Resource Requirements

At the time of writing , the following generic platforms are used to develop blockchain solutions and are described in detail below:

Additional technology frameworks common among the blockchain community are listed below and described in subsequent sections. This list is not entirely inclusive as technologies, languages, framework, and packages are added to the growing list daily.

Foundation Blockchain Platform

There are several existing networks such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Hyperledger that can be used to build DApps. Ethereum and Bitcoin are both decentralized - public chains that are open source - while Hyperledger is used for private chains and open source.

The foundation Blockchain Platform was the original platform built as envisioned by Satoshi Nakamoto in his paper that described Bitcoin and its underlying technology. Bitcoin may not be a good choice to build DApps, as it was originally designed for peer-to-peer transactions and not for building smart contracts.

Ethereum Development Ecosystem

Like the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger, the Ethereum Ecosystem is a continuously growing open source set of tools and technologies that provides a one-shop stop for blockchain applications. Some current list of tools in the Ethereum Ecosystem are defined below:

[Table coming soon]

Additional Technologies

[Table coming soon]