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Welcome to the blockchain playbook! This easy-to-use guide has been designed with you in mind. In this section, you’ll find valuable information to help you understand the framework laid out in this document and a series of questions to guide you in the playbook and help you kick start your blockchain development journey.

Framework Flow

The playbook introduces a framework made out of several phases connected to one another sequentially to guide you through key activities that will help you leverage blockchain technologies to tackle your use case. Each phase is connected to a decision gate before automatically going to the next phase. This decision gate helps you determine if you should:

Playbook Phases Figure 1: blockchain playbook process phase flow - expand

Where do I start?

The introduction section contains graphics that show the process and summarize the key activities for each of the phases. In addition, each phase also contains a more detailed graphic that summarizes the objective of the phase, its key activities and outcomes, inputs, and outputs. It is a good start to take a look at each of them to get a sense of what will happen in each phase.

I am a senior executive, what should I focus on? Each playbook phase is composed of phase inputs, phase outputs, key activities and outcomes and a decision gate. You should make sure you look at the inputs/outputs of each phase as well as the phase decision gate. You can also look at the “management” key activity category of each phase to get an understanding of what the management team will do.

I am on the management team, what should I focus on? As part of the management team, you need to understand the overall process. The diagrams are a good start. You should also focus on the “management” key activity category of each phase.

I am on the acquisition team, what should I focus on? You can focus on the “acquisition” key activities category of each phase as well as Appendix G.

I am on the development team, what should I focus on? You should have a good understanding of the inputs needed to implement the technical solution. Focus on the “technology” key activities category of each phase.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Blockchain or DLT? Please refer to the Primer published by ACT-IAC.

What about my workforce? Each playbook phase has a set of key activities that are grouped in high level categories. The category labeled “People” highlights key activities regarding the workforce. Also, the “Readiness” phase handles organizational readiness.

What phase(s) should I follow for a proof of concept? This playbook is intended to be used in an iterative way. All the phases should be used to produce a proof of concept with only the most valuable functions of the use case developed.

Can I use the playbook in an agile manner? This playbook is intended to be used in an iterative way. One can go through the playbook phases multiple times to develop proofs of concept, pilots, and full implementation. Each iteration will dive deeper in the activities of each phase.Iterations can also occur to refine data in each phase and adapt the roadmap.

How do I handle a use case with multiple organizations? Each phase deals more or less with understanding the organization(s) in play for the implementation of the solution. If you know more than one organization will be involved, when you look at the organizational aspects of the solution, address from the start the need for a multi-organization solution.